VR / AR simulators
Specific staff training
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Service instructions in Virtual and Augmented Reality which use gesture control allow running specific employee training and creating fully interactive service instructions.
How does it works?
Step 1
In order to step into Virtual World it is necessary to properly prepare the room – install sensors that allow tracking movements of users and forwarding their positions to computer.
Step 2
In order for user to learn and practice selected procedures it is necessary to create and define mutual interaction with the user of every 3D model present on a stage.
Step 3
Our software allows our clients and theirs employees gathering valuable experience based on programmed, realistic and adjusted to their needs training scripts in Augmented Reality environment.
Service instructions in Virtual and Augmented Reality will allow to act inside environment similar to computer game where it is possible to repeatedly practice procedures learn the user's manual and how to service chosen devices.
Petroleum and energetic industry - we offer training for technical staff in dangerous situations during which perfectly practiced procedures could save lives on many people. Arms industry - we offer soldiers training for instructions of usage and service equipment in warlike operation areas.