Feel the Power of the Augmented Reality, let your imagination ascend to a higher level and see how it works in your company. CTA offers 3D graphics, animations, static visualizations and all sorts of rendering. We will help you turn your ideas into a dedicated app to your choice of systems like Android, iOS, Windows, Mac along with the compatibility with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Kinect, Leap Morion and more. Send us a query!

Magic magnets

Mobile application AR (iOS, Android) created for Maspex group ordered by Plej advertising agency. Million of magnets (8 different types) had been put inside packages of Puchatek cocoa. Each magnet contains a different scene created using Augmented Reality technology, picture of Puchatek (first time in history of the brand Puchatek have been shown as 3D image!) and a mini-game. Player interacts with the game by touching specific spots on the screen and by moving the phone (to use gyroscope and accelerometer). Scenes and games have educational theme (temperature, magnetism, astronomy, air, water, sound, energy, light). The task was fully accomplished by CTA - starting with concepts through scripts and dialogs to 3D objects, animations, narration and sounds.

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25 years of AMS

Desktop application AR (Mac, Windows, Linux) used in bus shelters and Citylight installations, created for AMS agency. Due to a video cameras hidden inside the installation and high-definition screens the viewer standing behind a shelter feels like he is looking though a glass (the screen is projecting an image from video camera showing area behind the bus shelter). Augmented Reality effect appears when one can see behind the glass things nobody would expect (e.g. a lion walking down the street between shops).

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Mobile application (iOS, Android) created for Agora group and VMS Media. It allows to project additional content as 3D scenes, videos, image galleries, websites and extra articles in Augmented Reality technology. All the user has to do, to see additional content, is to direct camera of his device on an article in one of newspapers delivered by Agora group or its partner (Gazeta Wyborcza, Logo, Avanteen, Metro, Świat Motocykli, Castorama, Kuchnia, Sun&Fun catalog) marked with application's logo.

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KEZO Research Center

Mobile application AR (iOS, Android) created for Polish Academy od Sciences. It is an educational path in Polish Academy of Sciences Research Center Energy Conversion and Renewable Resources in Jabłonna. There are eight tags made of stainless steel corresponding to eight devices (Water turbine, Biogasworks, Gasificator, Heat Pump) pictured using Augmented Reality with animations and instructions explaining theirs mechanism of action as well as lector's commentary. One of the tags contains 3D model of whole Center alongside most important devices.

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Virtual Exhibition of Inventions

Mobile application (iOS, Android) created for Experiment Centre of Science. It is an educational application with Augmented Reality. There are 14 tags in a form of cubic, wooden blocks with 14 inventions created by Leonardo da Vinci, recreated only on the base of old drawings. Each invention has an animation which shows its construction and mechanism of action alongside a description and lector's commentary.

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Untypical and unmarked tourist routes which one can complete following informations hidden in a verse. It is an amazing opportunity to have an adventure one will never forget and see places that are, for different reasons, not very often visited by the locals nor tourists. The project was done in cooperation with Gdańsk Tourist Organization.

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