Image Processing Expert
CTA is an expert in the field of Image Processing. The company applies Machine Learning in order to improve or automate research in the field of medical imaging. These solutions are applicable in every situation, where image analysis (either pictures or video) could improve the speed or quality of performed services. CTA is also a pioneer in the fields of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. The company has earned many prestigious international awards which confirm the innovative potential of the team.
awards and events
April, 2017
Our visit at TVP2 (Polish National TV), where we presented GastroView - "Capsule Endoscopy is a modern way of examining the gastrointestinal tract, thanks to microscopic cameras placed inside a small capsule, it is possible to film the entire mucosa of the esophagus, stomach and intestines ... "
March, 2017
We invite you to the conference Innowacyjność i kreatywność w gospodarce. Projektujemy dobrą formę. CTA has been chosen among such companies as Chirurgia3D, MySpiroo, Braster, Pregnabit and much more! Thank you for the invitation and placing us among such great projects!
February, 2017
Lately we have had an opportunity to participate in a contest organized by nVIDIA. Our solution called GastroView had been appreciated by jury of experts. Our team have been among the winners. As a reward we have received the nVidia TitanX graphic card, which found its place right away in our computing platform.
October, 2016
New computer, new nVidia TitanX graphic cards - constantly we are expanding our computing platform. Our farm is getting more power, hence it is able to rise to bigger and more complicated projects.
April, 2016
CTA have been invited to the conference "Fast track to the innovativeness of Polish companies" organized by the National Centre for Research and Development. The event promoted Polish companies that can receive substantial grants to conduct research and development and as a result of the implementation of your product or service to the mass market. From the right Polish Minister of Science and Higher Education - Jaroslaw Gowin and Member of the Management Board CTA Sp. Zoo. - David Jereczek.
management board and founders
Mateusz Marmolowski
CEO & Founder
Marek Trojanowicz
Dawid Jereczek
Mieszko Bisewski
dr Kris Siemionov
orthopedist, spine surgery specialist, University of Illinois
dr Aleksandra Przegalinska-Skierkowska
MIT Sloan School of Management
Adam Brzeski
machine learning & image processing
Jan Cychnerski
machine learning & image processing
Adrian Boguszewski
machine learning & image processing
Dawid Budnarowski
mobile application
Michał Suchomski
on-line application